Thursday, January 24, 2008

Presidential Debate


It's so exciting to see the President Debate happening right here in my hometown. Right at the school I attended and got my degree from. Florida is definitely in the spotlight.

So candidates, do it right. Make the citizens of Florida proud. Address the real issues. And even though a heated debate does get more media attention, STOP!!! Do you really think the voters want to see that? Most of us have kids and experience this regularly. We don't want to see our elected officials going at it. At least with our kids, we can send them to their rooms. I respect the ones that don't do negative campaigns and don't have to "fight" to make a point.

Tell me!

1) What you're going to do with the economy. I don't know of anyone in South Florida who isn't affected by this. Gas, groceries ($4.50 for a box of cereal, PLEASE!), housing, layoffs, etc. It's scary. I want specifics. Something that once you are elected we can say, "you said you were going to do this .... now do it!"

2) Our soldiers -- There are so many ways to make it better for them. It starts with giving them more media attention. The candidate that gets my vote is the one who takes a personal interest and means it. Not a "I'll bring them home." I want that too. But what are you doing to do in the meantime. Reduce the time spent over there. Talk about the war in your speeches. Yes, it might not be the most popular topic, but you will get respect. And you're get respect of the military families. And they will tell others. And they will also remember you with the "real" election takes place next year. Isn't that the one that really counts!

See you tonight!

Diana Ennen

P.S. Feel free to post your comments on the Florida primaries!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Want My Vote -- Tell US!

With the political Year in full force ... want matters to you! Let's use this blog to tell our political candidates what would get your vote, and what would lose your vote.

What do you like! What don't you like.

Start your postings with ... Want My Vote .. then .... and provide tips on what they can do.

However, this is a "family friendly blog." We don't mind a good conversation, but don't want downright negatives. This is for fun. And to show our families .. So please keep that in mind.


Diana Ennen